World Festival – Houston 2019

#FIRSTCHAMP Houston is finished, congratulations to the three Kiwi teams taking part this year.


Team 7498 – Wingus & Dingus – who competed in the Roebling division of FRC, and made it through to the quarter finals as part of Alliance 5 along with Team 6364 (Ten Ton Robots), and alliance captain Team 359 (Hawaiian Kids).

Team 7498 also won the Championship Division Highest Rookie Seed Award for Roebling.


Team 5145 – The Referees – who competed in the Jemison division. The team made it through to the Semi-finals for Jemison division as part of the alliance led by Team 10219 (Batteries not included) along with Team 9899 (Black Diamond Robotics)


Team Skywalker Jr. competed in FIRST LEGO League and while they put up a valiant effort with some good runs, did not progress to the Encore rounds.

Congratulations again to all the teams competing on the world stage, we can’t wait to see you back for the forthcoming season and we can’t wait to see all of who want to join the fun for BOOM TOWN BUILD, CITY SHAPER, SKYSTONE, and INFINITE RECHARGE