Kiwi FTC Team 5145 wins Australian FTC Competition

Many of you may not be aware that NZ was represented at last years Australian National FTC competition. This was held in Sydney in December with two teams travelling from NZ to compete – 5145 (The Referee’s) and 5110 (Wingus and Dingus). We’d like to congratulate both teams on excellent performances against the Aussies with both teams progressing through to the final’s on opposite Alliances. Team 5145 – The Referee’s were the captain of their alliance and they then went on to win the tournament. Team 5145 are now moving on to the 2019 World Festival in Houston where we wish them the best of luck.

Here’s a report in their own words.

Our competition in Sydney in December was a huge success! The robot performed extremely well with and against the Aussie rivals. We won all of our 6 qualification matches which ranked us first out of the 47 teams, and put us in an ideal position for the finals. In the selection process, we were fortunate enough to choose Team 12993 (RoboKings) who were ranked 10th, and Team 11505 (The Sea Team) who were ranked 5th. Both of these were highly competitive teams with outstanding robots. 
We won the first two semi-finals matches 307-219 and 249-222 against Alliance #4. In the finals we won our first match with a score more than double our opponents (317 to 146) and then tripled their score in the second finals match (282 to 82), declaring our Alliance the winners and our team Captains of the Winning Alliance.
The team and our supporters were ecstatic with the result and with the advancement to the 2019 World Championship to be held in Houston, USA. We have made further improvements to our robot and hope to prove ourselves to the world’s best.

Team 5145 – The Referees