#INTO ORBIT – Challenge Update

We have a few Challenge Updates that have been released over the last couple of weeks which I’ve included below.  As always, you can download the complete document here as well.

Challenge Updates


It is understood that your Robot will damage the Satellite Models, and that the volunteers taking care of them will make errors when rebuilding them.

  • Teams: Satellites will have their basic bodies on their bases, with undistorted loops, but the precision of their finer details shall be considered random.
  • Field Resetters: Please ignore what was written above, and do your best to maintain properly built Satellites. Keep hi-res pictures with you if needed.
  • Referees: R17 shall not apply for the Satellite Models, and GP3 should have slightly wider range than usual.


Every year there are Missions designed to benefit teams who read the text that one extra time, and notice what it’s notsaying – to discover the hidden freedoms, and solve the Mission differently, and maybe more easily than everyone else,while still scoring the points… This is not one of those Missions. This one’s just to see if you can navigate over anupraised, uneven surface. For this Mission, you need to make something which

  • starts completely east of the Craters
  • crosses westward over the Craters

and ends up completely west of the flattened Gate.

It does not matter if a separate object throws, pulls, pushes, carries, places, or paves the way for the actual crossing equipment, as that would be a separate object and not considered part of the crossing equipment. Anything CONNECTED to the crossing object however, is PART OF the crossing equipment, and that also needs to cross. Finally, if the crossing equipment places weight on the Mat and/or Craters, all weight-bearing spots need to go between the Towers during the crossing action.




The spacecraft needs to be stuck at the very top of the Model as shown. Like with M04, please, the only solution here is the obvious one. Smash the Strike Pad and have as much fun as possible in the process. Unfortunately, this actually is rocket science, but just the impact and ballistics part.


The “crossing Equipment” is whatever crosses completely east to completely west for points.
Crossing Equipment is the only Equipment that needs to cross. Any other equipment involved, which might throw or Transport the crossing Equipment, does not need to cross.


  • If a ball was thrown to score as the crossing Equipment, then only the ball needed to cross.The crossing ball was not part of the Robot, so the Robot didn’t need to cross.
  • If the ball was Transported across and dropped, then again, only the ball needed to cross.The crossing ball was not part of the Robot, so the Robot didn’t need to cross.
    (See Rule D10)
  • If a ball was built into the Robot and later removed by hand, then the entire Robot had to cross. The ball was part of the Robot, so the entire Robot needed to cross.
    (See Rule D04)

    The Gate must be flattened by the end of the Match, but how and when that happens doesn’t matter.
    For this Mission, Teams and Referees alike clearly need to know the difference between something which is Transported

    by the Robot and something which is part of the Robot. Rules D10 and D04.
    Teams: If you’re unclear about that difference, study it, or your strategy could be risky.

    Referees: If You’re unclear about that difference, study it, or you’ll need to over-use Rule GP3.